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If you believe…


If you believe

If you believe in you….

Everything you thought is possible

If you believe….

George Harrison


If there is one thing I really enjoy about Twitter, it’s the opportunity to connect with people.  The other day I received a message from one of my followers.  We had a great conversation and it inspired me to share it with you.

Her name is Alyssa Jones.  Feel free to click on her name to follow on Twitter.  You can also check out her blog by clicking this link.  Alyssa is a go getter and is all about good energy.  She had reached out to me requesting some help.  She wanted to know how I could help her build confidence.  That’s really the essence of social networking, connecting with like-minded people and to help others.  Here was our conversation:

Alyssa to Todd: How can you help me build confidence!!

Todd to Alyssa: Very easy :-) Do you believe in yourself?

Alyssa to Todd: I would assume so

Todd to Alyssa: By that answer… “assume”… indicates doubt… make sense?

Alyssa to Todd: Yes it does

Todd to Alyssa: Cool, think about it :) Alyssa and believe in yourself. I do. BTW love your avatar :-) Have gr8 week and nice tweeting w/u

I read through some of Alyssa’s posts on her blog.  I like her writing style as it’s a very genuine, open ended diary where she shares her thoughts and feelings…and passions…football J .  The one thing I noticed is she’s very competent, a go-getter…reliable.  She has all the characteristics of a confident person, which she is.  All she needed was a little coaching, reminding and encouragement to believe in herself.  It’s not uncommon and is a feeling we can all have from time to time.

If you find yourself have a feeling of self doubt… …think of that George Harrison song… listen to it… feel it… and remember…If you believe in “you”…. “everything” is possible.

  • Francis A.

    Thanks Todd you are living up to your bio on your Twitter account!! Thanks for introducing Alyssa and Really needed this today! :)

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  • ToddWeissCFA

    [New Post] If you believe… – via #twitoaster

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  • Melody Lea Lamb

    Wonderful Todd. I love that we can have such profound interactions via Twitter, even in the space of 140 characters. I’m looking forward to following Alyssa and reading her blog! Thanks again for a great blog post.

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  • Fatin

    That article Todd touch deeply my heart! i hope that all the world will do like you & Alissa! empowering people giving them a self confidence, respect & love is enriching us personally and building solid human relations that we need profoundly those days!!!

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  • June Stoyer

    What a great story! I love the George Harrison video and the fact that you incorporated the exchange between you and Alyssa! This is what twitter is all about!

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  • Todd Weiss CFA

    One of my favorite songs. Thanks for the comments.