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Problem or Challenge? It’s All In The Approach

Everyday we face adversity.   I like to embrace a challenge as it always provides and opportunity to learn something.  One of the biggest issues we face when a problem arises is we tend to make them bigger than they actually are.  We look for reasons as to why it’s happening and sometimes blame ourselves.  How often do you say to yourself, I have a problem?  Probably every day, and frankly if you are not having problems, you are not pushing yourself enough.  I wanted to share some thoughts that can hopefully help you overcome problems, as they can in fact be an opportunity.

The best approach when facing adversity is to create a positive perspective.  There are no such thing as “problems”; I like to call them “challenges”.  While I can hear you laughing, take a moment to think about that distinction.  My belief is that subtle re-phrasing is important and powerful.   I never use the word “problem”; it doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.  The word “problem” has a negative connotation.  When you say, “you have a problem”, your approach is coming from a negative perspective.  By changing your wording from “problem” to “challenge”, you’re transforming your circumstances from a negative to a positive.  It’s now an opportunity.

I enjoy facing a challenge head on and feel great overcoming it.  Think about some of your best accomplishments.  How did you feel when you were successful?  Chances are you felt like you could conquer the world.  Herein lies the opportunity with a good challenge.  It’s a chance to learn, work through it and feel that sense of accomplishment.  Think about this perspective; approach a problem as a challenge.  Make it an opportunity.  Soon you might actually look forward to a good challenge, as it’s an opportunity to bring out the best in you.

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    [New Post] Problem or Challenge? It’s All In The Approach – via #twitoaster

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